Friday, September 24, 2010


                                                                        Winner: Sid Kormann
                                                                         2nd: Zach Wheatcliffe
                                                                         3rd: Svea Perian

I would like to thank all the trainers who have brought me this far and all the hard work with all the students
being nerves and speechless at the same time omg!!!

I am Sid Kormann.  I am the Vanquisher of Marigold.  Today I will defeat my every foe one by one.  Alert and aware no random spawns will get past me.  Resurrecting will not save you from me, I AM THE VANQUISHER!!!!

I only require 5 times gold the number of foes you may need vanquished.  I will be waiting for your request, be well and survive!!!

Custome includes:
Vanquisher Belt, Body Wraps, Boots, Chained Collar, Chained Lag Belts, Gloves, Horns, Armbands, Shoulder Pads, Spiked Wrists, Pants, Top, and Trench Coat from Vendom.

Zach Wheatcliffe: 
  Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I'm Zach Wheatcliffe and I'm happy you joined me for the Vampire/Goth Styling theme at Classic with Style tonight!
    This evening I am wearing this striking full outfit by LNL. It consists of snug velvet trousers and a tight, silver buckled leather coat with a long skirt. A big, wide belt fastens tightly around my waist, while huge emossed leather epaulettes and a collar protects me from any attackers that I may encounter, while protecting me from the elements as well.
    My boots are by one of my favorite SL shops, Lapointe & Bastchild Designs. They are made of durable emossed leather, and are perfect for a Vampire slayer like myself, who needs something for the long, lonely walks.
    My amazing masked and lip-slashed skin is by CStar. It's incredibly detailed, keeping my identity secret from my enemies, and showing just a few of my battle scars. My hair is by UW St., my shape is by myself.
  I am a Vampire hunter. I kill them with my bare hands (and anything else I find laying around. A rock or shoe perhaps?), and I will not stop until I have killed them ALL...
    I want to think Steve & Anrol, as well as the lovely Ms VeronicaLynn for announcing, as well as the beautiful Tabytha for being our judge.

 Svea Perian: Good evening ladies and Gentlemen,
my name is Svea Perian, and tonight it is a pleasure for me to present you my outfit for the Goth/Vampire Theme!
I choosed this outfit because this was my first gothic dress ever, and it remind me on my first weeks in SL! Every night I danced in a great gothic club, love to spend time there until today and be there very often! Because of that I´m very proud to present you this dress today!

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