Tuesday, September 14, 2010


                                                                                                                   [ PARADISE ]
          Here I am sitting on top of this mountain where it feels like I am on the top of the world.  Almost touching the stars where its peaceful,, calm and relaxing to the soul.
          Where there is music to sooth the mind and body.  Here your mind can just float to where there is no end.
          Where the sunset is all around the glossy skys seems to be glass so peaceful and touching  to the soul.
          There is a stream in the background and the sounds of natures own loving and  graceful for gods own.  A place where peace and  love can be found  for nature is blessed and the true beauty of gods land is always around.
          For the beauty  I  see and the soothing  of the soul can only be felt in oneself the interself  for the beauty comes within the soul.  In ones interself there you will see things like never before for there is where beauty lies.
          Looking over the canapy below  seeing  the twinkle of the the night as the darkness  reaches the sky. The sparkling off the the bay like a mirror in the night.
          Nothing to fear  on this peaceful land the inner soothing  of ones mind body and soul hearing the sounds of the night, keeps you relaxed in your journey through time.
          For this is Paradise in ones eyes for all to see on my journey,  relax and be at peace; for I am on this island .
                            7/7/09=== Sid Kormann

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